WOW! Joe Biden is Looking to Spend Billions on this Radical Program as Americans Struggle

As Americans suffer from historic inflation levels that are leaving a hole in their wallets, Joe Biden is looking to spend $2.6 billion dollars in tax payer money on … gender equity programs across the globe.

Biden used International Women’s Day as an excuse to request the $2.6 billion in funds from Congress.

The funding request will be a part of the delusional Biden administration’s 2023 congressional budget request and, if approved, will double the amount requested for gender equity programs last year.

In a prepared statement, Biden said, “On this day and every day, let us recognize that all of us have a better future when women and girls can reach their full potential – and together, let’s renew our efforts to advance dignity, equality, and limitless possibilities for all.”

Biden affirmed that International Women’s Day recognizes the achievements of women and girls and celebrates progress in gender equity. The president also recommitted himself and his administration to work that he says still needs to be done to achieve gender equity.

He said, “Ensuring that every woman and girl has that chance isn’t just the right thing to do – it’s also a strategic imperative that advances the prosperity, stability, and security of our nation and the world. Yet too often, in too many places, women and girls face obstacles that limit their possibilities and undermine their participation in economic, political, and social life.”


Biden claimed that the COVID-19 pandemic magically worsened a number of existing issues that women face regularly.

He suggested that women’s participation in the work force declined, that additional burden was placed upon caregivers, and that gender-based violence increased. He offered no evidence of any of these claims.

The president’s announcement came via a video livestream and was made on the one-year anniversary of the day his administration launched the White House Gender Policy Council.

Other Biden administration officials included in the video were Secretary of State Antony Blinken, acting budget director Shalanda Young, U.S. Agency for International Development administrator Samantha Power, and the director of the Gender Policy Council, Jen Klein.

First lady Jill Biden, who was also present, marked International Women’s Day by making a video tribute to women throughout the world “who courageously use their voice, no matter the cost.”

She said, “To our sisters from Ukraine who are fighting to keep their country free and their families alive: We stand with you in solidarity. To our sister in Russia who are protesting and speaking out against the invasion at great personal risk: We see your courage.”

“And to women warriors around the world, those fighting for justice and working for a change: Thank you for building a better future for all of us,” the first lady added.

This move by the White House shows just how distorted their priorities are. Americans are facing a wide range of issues thanks to this president’s poor leadership, food and gas prices are at all-time highs, yet it appears these Democrats remain intent on pandering to the radical left with initiatives like this that will do nothing to solve American’s problems.

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23 thoughts on “WOW! Joe Biden is Looking to Spend Billions on this Radical Program as Americans Struggle”

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  2. We have got to remove him from office or we are going to lose everything in America even ourselves. Our representatives are failing us!

      1. So very true, too many are going along and just spend and spend OUR MONEY! I am sick and tired of this moron spending our money on stupid stuff. We paid for a wall around HIS home in Delaware, but HE won’t finish the wall on our borders. I do not want to pay for his wall around his home, he is a damn billionaire, he should pay for it himself! I am tired of his killing the middle class with his idiot ideas. ENOUGH SPENDING!!!

        1. Sharon you said it in a nutshell. He really isn’t our president We did not elect him, he a fraud and needs to be removed and arrested for treason along with his entire Administration. They all are Communist and traitors.

  3. What are they going to do for this money. I think it’s a scam for progressives to promote their gender transformation center’s and lock in votes from weman that have no idea what it would actually do for them.

  4. They are a bunch of “woke” idiots. They have no skills to run a country except into the ground. I hate having this parasitic growth of a government on the body of the American people. There is no law or policy that discriminates against gender or race, yet they create discrimination by their every acts.

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  5. Joe Biden, Vladimir Putin, Jeeng not one cares that the
    little people of their countries are being forgotten by their personal greed and desire to become a historical name. We are allowing our own history to be destroyed in the name of progressive movements. We can’t forget the lessons from the historical world and allow it to be repeated like the most vicious maniac HITLER the current world leaders allowed PUTIN to do the same thing by waging a takeover of Georgia then Crimea and now the Ukraine who he is destroying and killing everyone so there will not be able to build any resistance to his authority ever.

  6. Biden is so far off the map I wish he was in another country, along with Jill and China Hunter, etc. All of them. Decertify election results and get rightful winner back in office.. ..for 6 1/2 yrs, not the leftover 2 1/2 yrs. Ukraine has said they don’t have enough anesthesia drugs and are doing some surgeries without anesthesia, but Biden sends none, just works on his equity crapola and allows poisonous drugs to flow into our country from an open border, along with some known terrorists and over 2.5 M illegals plus got aways, many sick with things like TB that’s resistant to treatment, MRSA, etc. Out of water; a young girl died of dehydration this week. Is he trying to get them water from nearby countries? First Aid materials low or out. Not equity?
    One American on news is having his group help Ukrainians get out. They are STILL working in Afghanistan to get Americans and our Afghani Aides out; states they have brought 21,000 out of Afghanistan SO FAR…….. 21,000……and still not all out. Biden abandoned them there, and many have been tortured and executed, along with families. CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. Yet Biden/Harris brought out 800,000+ unvetted, NON AIDES, NON AMERICAN and scattered them around US. Where many, especially men, have disappeared. Now last week Biden said they SHOULDN’T HAVE TO WAIT ANY LONGER to be reunited with ALL their family members, wanting THEM ALL BROUGHT OVER HERE, TOO, no matter how distantly they are related or just good friends they miss. Today there are news clips saying the Ukrainian children are smiling in refuge areas, saying they want to COME TO AMERICA. CALL ME HARSH. but we CAN NOT take the WORLD IN TO AMERICA. Is Biden sending those 800,000 Afghani NON Aides back to Middle Eastern countries near Afghanistan? Despite being closer to reunite with family and friends over there. Of course Biden and Harris and the Libs aren’t.
    This week Biden has announced he wants to bring over a lot of the 2.5 million Ukrainian evacuees to be IN AMERICA. He doesn’t think European countries near Ukraine can help them until they can return to Ukraine? Heavens no. Bring them to America and we’ll have more to teach WOKENESS and how terrible America has always been.
    Biden/Harris are destructive, insensitive, uncaring of Americans and our country, seeming intent on destroying America through any means necessary. They don’t want gas and oil prices to go down; they want them to go up. They don’t care that farm tractors and harvest combines and grain hauling run on GAS AND DIESEL. That much of farming Midwest has COLD SEASONS and BATTERIES LOSE CHARGE FASTER IN COLD WEATHER. Plus big planting and harvesting machinery, like self propelled harvest combines run 24/7 EVERY DAY FOR WEEKS ON END WITH NO “REST TIME” except for repairs. NO TIME TO SIT ANY CHARGE HUNDREDS OF BATTERIES THEY’D NEED. Plus harvest time is extremely dusty and could foul the batteries! And states like Minnesota, Dakotas, Wisconsin, Iowa, etc, get Temps of -40s !!! Plus all the snow and blizzards that need gas and diesel powered trucks and plows to keep roads, incl interstates, open. Plastics ARE MADE WITH PETROLEUM. Machines and vehicles need oil for lubricant.
    Harris spoke of wanting to go to ELECTRIC SCHOOL BUSES. DOES she have a clue how many many dozens of buses are used by schools of any size? Over a hundred for some, and a lot of kids are in rural or outer suburb areas with NO TRAINS, SUBWAYS. etc. And NO, BUTTIGEIG, THEY CANT GO TO SCHOOL ON MOTORIZED SCOOTERS OR foot pushed SCOOTERS. Or WHEELCHAIRS, as Pete B has also said could be used. Take this guy to rural Minnesota, October- May and LET HIM HAVE A GO AT IT. TRY IT IN SNOW with drifts several feet high, 60 BELOW ZERO WINDCHILL THAT FREEZES TISSUE IN 5-10 minutes.
    This Admin is filled with such idiots, I’m amazed they can do personal care for themselves. Now they’re going to push America into a FOOD SHORTAGE which we haven’t had since the midst of the Civil War. Beyond rationing in WW here.

    And it was all avoidable. Happy, Dem vote fraudsters?

  7. Don’t blame me. I voted for the other CLOWN.
    Anyone who claims they voted for Biden to protect freedom and equality got the equality of massive inflation for all and freedom to be poor.

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  9. All these leftist politicians deserve nothing but six feet under in midterms! Best they get out of America if they want to live! People getting tired of fools who have no clue what they are pushing! We do not want their socialist crap! They can move to China, or Russia if they need someone to hold their hand to cross the street.

  10. Who wrights this CRAP for him.I know he is not able to he can’t wipe his Butt with both hands and he comes up with this

  11. We need to get OUT and vote no more mail in crap and get rid of the stupid Dems ruining the country Biden doesn`t even know who his wife is much less how to get us out of the mess he has put us in

  12. Biden talk 9n bringing more people over to u.s. he will have to have more trees cut down which means there goes the clean air act so why is he so worried about having battery running cars can someone tell me

  13. Old Joe is ever ready at spending tax payers money on all that unnecessary crap it’s real easy spending other people’s money, gas prices and inflation none of costs him anything and he doesn’t care what it costs the American people we are the ones who get to support the millions of unvetted people he is dispersing all over our country doesn’t cost him anything he doesn’t care about the American people or our country as long as the Democrats remain in we are collateral damage he is a disgrace and a disgusting human being what kind of sleaze bag dips out in the middle of the night and leaves Americans behind to die inflation at an all time high and he wants to spend trillions of dollars on bullspit like that a very evil man if he can be called a man he’s a sleaze bag period

  14. Mr. President, you did not take the Oath of Office to just focus on the “World!”! How about putting OUR MONEY and YOUR FOCUS on AMERICA and the AMERICAN PEOPLE! When there is money left over then you may be use it on other countries. What is wrong with you? The people of America are struggling!


  16. This president Biden is bound and determined to bankrupt America into the lowest it’s ever been and then some!

  17. This while he pushes women and girls out of sports so men in drag can win. I keep saying duct tape can fix all of this.

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