Yuck: Can We Stuff the Insufferable Joe Biden Back in His Basement Please?

You kind of have to admire the stamina of the mainstream media these days. It can’t be easy pretending to cover a presidential campaign and at the same time, completely ignoring or excusing the daily Biden train wreck. The Biden campaign knows they’re in trouble, so they’ve got to get their candidate out in front of the public more often. And the obvious problem with that is that Joe Biden is an oblivious, racist creep. You think Donald Trump is unfiltered in is his speech? If you spend a few minutes trailing Joe Biden around, you might start to feel like Donald Trump’s speech is a gentle spring breeze.

Biden went to Florida and made a campaign stop in Miami at the Little Haiti Cultural Center on Monday. A group of young Haitian girls performed a traditional dance in colorful garb for Biden’s appearance – pretty boilerplate campaign stuff, other than the shame circles painted on the sidewalk so that no one will come in close proximity to the frail candidate.

Joe Biden just can’t resist himself around young girls, apparently. Talk to any parole officer and they’ll tell you that child offenders never reform, because there’s something fundamentally wrong with their brains. Joe Biden looked at the young dancers and proclaimed, “I want to see these beautiful young ladies! I want to see them dancing when they’re four years older, too.”

Ugh… What is with this guy?

After Joe Biden uttered that in broad daylight, even the most skeptical non-believer in the QAnon conspiracy must have thought, “Hey, wait a minute… Biden… Little HAITI Cultural Center… Clinton Foundation… Jeffrey Epstein… Ye cats!”


This is nothing unusual for Joe Biden, obviously. As a rich, entitled liberal politician, Biden knows he can make any alarming statement he wants to about young women or girls and get away with it. Feminists used to get upset about stuff like that.

But Joe Biden is unstoppable! For his encore performance, Biden’s handlers took him to Tampa and turned him loose again. The quote that you’re about to read is real. Joe Biden said it this week. Out loud. At a campaign event. While surrounded by television cameras.

Here’s the latest version of Deep Thoughts with Joe Biden:

“The American public, the blinders have been taken off. They’ve all of a sudden seen a hell of a lot clearer. Geez, the reason I was able to stay sequestered in my home is because some black woman was able to stock the grocery shelf.

Got it?

Wealthy liberal fat-cats like Joe Biden were able to stay safely quarantined during a supposedly deadly pandemic, thanks to those expendable black ladies who are only good for working in a grocery store.

“Poor kids are just as bright as white kids.” (Actual Biden quote.)

“If you don’t know whether you’re for Trump or me, then you ain’t black!” (Actual Biden quote.)

“Unlike the African-American community… the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community.” (Actual Biden quote.)

And Joe Biden has been this way for his entire career, for those who don’t know. These are not gaffes. This is how Joe Biden views the world and how he views black people. He says this stuff all the time.

The Trump campaign just released a newspaper clipping from Alabama back in 1987, during Joe Biden’s first failed attempt to run for president. The pandering Biden gave a speech in which he bragged about once receiving an award from Alabama’s notorious segregationist Democrat Governor, George Wallace. Biden told the crowd, “We Delawareans were on the South’s side during the Civil War!” Such a pandering buffoon.

Imagine if any elected Republican had said anything even vaguely similar to the things Joe Biden has said this week. That person would be drummed out of office immediately. Those would be disqualifying statements for any Republican that uttered them in 2020. But Joe Biden gets a pass. If you get your news from the mainstream media, you wouldn’t even know those things had happened.

Can you imagine having lunch in a restaurant with Joe Biden? He’d complain about the waitstaff and the food the whole time. You’d be embarrassed to hang out with him.

Don’t get me wrong. Joe Biden’s casual racism doesn’t offend me or disturb me in the least. It’s that insufferable sense of entitlement that all wealthy liberal politicians like him enjoy so much. He knows he can say disturbing things about little girls and minorities, and the media will never call him out for it. What are they going to do? He’s Joe Biden, by golly!

The good news is that after two campaign events on the same day, the elderly and frail Joe Biden will have to retreat to his basement for a few days to recover. At least we’ll get a break from the insufferable jerk until his next outing.

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108 thoughts on “Yuck: Can We Stuff the Insufferable Joe Biden Back in His Basement Please?”

    1. Biden’s wife must either be the biggest jackass alive or she is the biggest wannabe in history. She puts up with his b.s. and makes herself look like a pos!

      1. She is getting paid big bucks to let them use her demented husband…but remember she cheated on her first husband , Biden caused their divorce!!!

        1. Obama’s wife, Michelle, is actually a guy named MICHAEL. Obama is a POS just like Biden and that half breed Kamala Harris!!!

      2. tilipoo.

        she put’s up because he has been able to fleece our country for 47 years, has become made very wealthy, as well as his relatives. she has enjoy living in $$$ he is a crook

      3. Biden’s wife probably is an instigator and she needs to be looked at for continuing to push that Biden is ok and perfectly fine when it is obvious he is not!

    2. Agree, Trump is America’s only choice!! Especially if you don’t want Socialism!! He may not have a likeable personality but he does his job and gets it done!


          1. Please let Durham unveil the dirt on Obama, Hillary and Biden. They robbed the Hard working people.
            Lock them up including Comey.

    3. I remember when Senator Obama was first running for President, when Senator Biden said with a straight face said of Obama, ”he’s a nice young and he cleans up well.” So what does Obama do? Picks him as his VP.

    4. You know it, everyone should know it, I think even for the 2024 election he should run for a third term and have his slogan be. America The Greatest is yet to Come*

      1. it was Isionhower who but the brakes on two consecutive terms for a PRESIDENT, can you imagine 3 terms of OBOMA OR BIDEN??????????????????????

      He’s done more for this Country’s Financial gain than any other President in History. Granted the pandemic has put us back even farther than we were before he took office, but if he’s given a chance, he’ll regain the losses… TRUMP in 2020!!


    7. Here’s a valid question cause I’m so sick of hearing Trump being blamed for covid-19. How many times have we all gone through numerous viruses without having to wear a mask and without losing our jobs? We lived through it, Right? So, why are people judging how President Trump should feel? Everyone body responds differently to “any” virus so you cannot judge why the President recovered sooner. I used to work in a nursing home were covid was rampant; we had 2 nurses that got sent home for being positive. They asked for my help so, I gave them each 5 baking soda (food grade) capsules, 5 zinc with vitamin c and told them to take it stay in bed and get some rest. I’m huge in natural cures. Needless to say, they came back to work in 2 days. My family and friends I give the same exact items for covid-19 and my ex-boss just recently caught covid and asked me to sell him my cures. I dropped it off and told him to take it and rest. He too was back to work in 2 days.

      1. I don’t charge to help my friends, co-workers. I am very strict on just taking natural cures to my kids and family. I make my own capsules and made sure everyone has “protection” against covid should they ever need it. It is not as bad as people think. Naturally everyone panics because fake media want to scare us. But don’t stop living because let’s say you catch it and you die. You missed out on life, time with your family and friends, etc. because you were too scare to do anything else but worry. When god comes for you, you cannot stop it; so you should try to enjoy life and stop worrying too much that it consumes you. Life’s too short!

    8. Joe Biden is a sick man and should be removed from politics. It is apparent he has dementia and is a threat to young females.

    9. I would have to agree. Trump is the best president ever. I believe that Trump will win big and then we will have a party country wide. The left will be left with their tongues hanging out. I believe that God does have his hand on this President and the left is won’t know what happened. I hope that we not only win for the President but that we take back the House. In the case there would be no more evidence that the Left will fall like Humpty Dumpty. don’t know if I spelled that right, but you get the ;picture

        1. ,Sheeples believe everything & anything!
          There should be a law given that news media can’t give inaccurate morbidity #’s
          from COVID deaths! I don’t recall the
          But sometime in May the medical doctors were told every death had to have diagnosis & death certificate indicate each person died from Coronavirus regardless of what illness the patient was admitted to hospital I.e diabetes, heart, pulmonary etc
          That should be illegal! People are dying daily…always so, that said! Figures lie & liars figure!! I firmly believe that a high per-
          Centage of deaths could have been pre-
          existing illness I.e. pneumonia, respiratory ailment from blood clot, diabetes! I do not
          Agree that 200,000 00 + died in the USA from COVID 19/coronavirus! I hope the the statistics are revised & we, as a country is better advised! Our President is being used & abused! He worked the skin off his knuckles, writing orders, meetings day after day, requesting & providing help
          To all states! I wish honesty would surface & prevail! Our President is not Racist! Please stick to the truth & facts America!

      1. I disagree, the more exposure Biden gets the more apparent his true colors become. How any minority, woman or thinking person can overlook his words and record is unfathomable. His record of 47 years (and counting) show a pattern of contempt for the citizens, pandering and condescending public statements to minorities and outright racism in his deeds and record. That the democrat party and media give a pass is testament to his long standing membership in the Washington insiders club and their own attitudes toward this great country and all of her citizens.

        1. Only problem being the media keep all his comments and Pedophilia
          on the hush hush and the only way the general public will know about it is outlets like these. Sadly hardly any liberals will read these publications.

    1. biden was known as “the senator from MBNA” for many years because of how corrupt he was. now his son has a chinese account to manage worth $1.5 billion. that’s about $20 million annually in fees. hunter’s only expertise to gain such largesse is fathering illegitimate children and smoking coke. the gig in the ukraine was small potatoes by comparison. biden may be demented but he still knows graft and corruption.

  1. That’s right Burt. I was trying to remember who he reminded me of. It hit me with your comment.
    He is the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz

    1. Naw! The scarecrow was nice and protected Dorothy. Biden would have been sniffing her and asking if she wanted to braid his leg hair with his buddy Corn Pop.

  2. Biden and all if his cronies are shameful human beings, GOD help us all (a big if) if that happens. There is a GREAT LOVE for TRUMP in this country, and I am PROUD to be one of them. PRESIDENT TRUMP is the ONLY PRESIDENT that has unfulfilled ALL of his campaign promises and more OVER 148 things. Please biden “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE IN 47 YEARS” besides absolutely DESTROY this country with your little insignificant buddy obama. Which by the way WHY aren’t OBAMA and HILARY in jail yet????? GO PRESIDENT TRUMP WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!

  3. What an idiot jerk Biden is, and his helping of his son with the job in the Ukraine using his VP office as leverage is against the law! He should be in jail for sure! For fondling women wherever he goes he should be getting the most severe punishment!

    1. Hunter’s quite a guy! After Daddy secured a spot as an Officer in the Navy Reserves, he got put out after testing positive for cocaine.
      I cringe when I hear people say Gropin Joe is a good man. He clearly used his office as VP to enrich his son and his brother. Also he was in the forefront of the assault on Mr. Trump’s presidency. He’s not the benevolent white haired grandpa that the MSM would like the public to think.

      1. Daddy also made sure he demanded his son be given an “Honorable Discharge!” If that were someone else they’d be in jail.

        You guys need to check out Nancy Pelosi’s son, Paul Jr., another monster in the making. Same amo they put him at a job in Africa I think and screwed that up. He comes home and started dating this asian chick with 4 kids. He had her children taken away from her! Then took away her home that her dad left her and turned it into a massage parlor/prostitution and probobly drug front, too! This girl lost her children and the state of California wouldn’t give them back to her because of Nancy’s son!

  4. The scariest thing is the amount of people that are going to vote for this man!!!!!They all need to see the WIZARD for a BRAIN.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. Many people are voting for Biden simply because he’s not Trump which in my mind is absolutely horrifying . This man doesn’t have the capital to work as a restroom attendant let alone b e the hardest job on the planet. Hopefully some of these commies will see the light and do whats best for their children rather than nurse their own TDS which is exactly what they clearly have. Do you truly want your children to grow up in a socialist/communist society. Nothing in this world is free. There is a cost for everything people wake up already.

  5. I am totally concerned about the fact that the Democrats are basically hiding Biden away from the public eye…he’s barely been out in the public eye. because if he was, people would be able to see that he’s not fit to run our country! He’s said things many a time in the past that are completely out of line and down right racist and disrespectful and totally gotten away with it every single time….unlike how our President is treated which is totally unfair and one-sided. Now I’m hearing their next debate is going to be virtual, thats not ok his VP running mate will be in his ear piece the entire time telling him what to say….we won’t be seeing whom this man really is …the Democrats are clearly hiding him as much as they can from the public eye and debating President Trump right up till the election..people please open your eyes to the reality of this dire situation and how important it is to vote for President Trump. Do not be fooled by the Democrats and all their lies…

    1. You are so right, Linda. We need to get to the elderly in Florida, as they are voting for Biden by a surprisingly large #.
      I wonder if they know if this “crazed” manic will cut their SSA and other Annunities they have.
      God help us all if he gets elected.

  6. As an Iowan I really was shocked at the debate when Kamala Harris said Iowa crops were destroyed by flooding Iowa is in a drought if she doesn’t know what is going on in this country how can she possibly know what is going on in the rest of the world. Go Trump Go we are completely behind you here in Iowa.

    1. I picked up on the Iowa remark also. She also had decided President Lincoln didn’t put forward a Supreme Court candidate because it was an election year. Wrong again, Congress was not in session until after the election so they could go home and campaign. Suggest people also check out her record as California AG, she has a good record of prosecuting more blacks than whites. Give me a break, this person could be our president if Biden is elected.

      1. Yes, indeed! Don’t for get to FACT CHECK that Commiela also has family ties to CCP just as Joe and his son, Biden does. Nowadays, Hunter invested in prostitution so that’s his current adventure.

      2. I was shocked that Mike Pence didn’t tell the American public, when she was talking so proudly about her record as A.G. Did you all know that Kamala hid or destroyed evidence that would have exonerated a black man? the lyin’ bitch! He still sits in prison. Mike is a great guy. I guess he didn’t have time since the moderator kept telling him his time was up.

  7. To vote is a privilege! As a property/ homeowner and letting a felon counter my vote is despicable! We are the backbone of this country and are being undermined by a Blow hards! Dumb and dumber!
    Joe Biden is a OLD CREEPY bald white dude!!! Talk about a racist!!! The last 4 years putting up with the Demwhit morons is an absolute disgrace and all these jackasses should have a permanent vacation!!! Get out of the shit show business and keep a real American in office!!! Keep the Oval Office,Take back the House and maintain the majority in the Senate!!! TRIFECTA!!!!! 2020”
    Then shit will get done, CORRECTLY!!!!
    Hillary pay back Americans for your vindictive acts for loosing 2016! You lost “get over it you little T Rex! Grow some arms!!!
    And the last jackass out the door “Turn off the lights”!

    1. The saddest part is citizens vote for him cause they’ve been lied to and think Trump is the racist. Trump has done more for blacks than Obama did and they still call Trump racist. I watched a young lady interview 3 girls (1 was white, 1 hispanic, and 1 black) in which they were asked who they think should become president. Their answer was Biden. So, the young interviewer asked why they think it should be Biden. The black girl answered, “Trump is racist!” So, the interviewer challenged her to name a time when Trump showed racism and she couldn’t come up with it and instead turned ballistic on the interviewer saying she wanted to kick her a$$.

  8. i hope all the people who see biden as who he is a man who cant run our country, he is not able , our president trump gos from morning to night protecting america while biden stays in his basement, wake up america if biden gets in we are going to be in so much trouble, he will raise our taxes and defund our police , dont believe all the crap they are telling you, trump kelp his word on everything he promised and stands up for america, when biden to tell all his lies, he has been in office for 47 years tell me what he has done for the american people?when our president got sick that was perfect time to send biden out of the basement. biden has been in politics 47 years tell me one thing he has done for american people? where president trump has done in 4 years just compare the difference, dont let the left fool you they are evil people. god bless president trump and god bless america

  9. I found his remarks appalling. It’s obvious Biden sees color not the person. Isn’t that the definition of a racist?

    1. There is only 2 ways to pick:
      1. Trump will be keeping our constitution in tact. Our economy revived and Law & Order
      2. Biden = We get handed over to China on a silver platter either by Joe or Commiela. I hope you are ready for a rude awakening because China only cares about World Domination and they won’t think twice to kill all of us. They kill their own citizens who don’t agree with them or put them in concentration camps where they get beaten and get told what to do and say.

  10. Biden has never had a real job, just government. Yes, he is rich, at our expense. Why do Biden and Harris keep telling us about all of the freebies they will give us? Even if they do that, you know who will pay in the end. Yes, you and I and us Americans. Someone has to pay and it won’t be them. Definitely not them. If elected, Biden will drag us into the ground with debt and we will be the next Venezula. These demorats are not the loving, compassionate people they pretend to be. They are parasites living on the American people. That is how they got rich. President Trump does not take from the American people, he has his own money and cannot be bought like this scum we have in the demorats.

    1. You know what is really funny, they accuse Trump of colluding with Putin. Did you know that everyone of the Dems running for office, have been running on a communist agenda.
      They want me to believe that they didn’t. Hypacradiates.

    2. Obama’s was a community organ izer which organ? I’m assuming it paid big bucks, a one term senator. What did that pay? 2 term president how much did he Garner? It must have been enough to purchase a multi million dollar mansion. Hmm was Joe a cutout to pass the loot to the Godfather?

  11. Hidin’ Biden has learned a lot from son Hunter. In 4 years, Joe and Hunter will have lots of dollar bills for those dancers. He envisions them in 4 years, and with dancer poles.

  12. We continually talk about Biden and his gaffes and health. I agree that Biden is unfit for anything beyond his basement. What really is bothersome is that there are so many uninformed voters that are willing to waste there vote on an incompetent person.

  13. Everyone, think of your Grandchildren. Do you want them to know you voted for a man that I wouldn’t want as janitor! He can barely read the telemonitors, let alone give advise for our nation. No way! TRUMP ALL THE WAY!?????

  14. I recall Hairless Joe back in the 1970s when he was going through “transplant treatment ” and he was the same, no wonder he hasn’t made a comment about President Trump’s the way the “comedian -commentators have..
    What a sorry excuse for a candidate the Demon-crats have come up with.


  16. Yes,we all need to stand up to the stupid democrats everywhere.i live in indiana and well known dems have trump flags and signs in their yards.ive turned a bunch by telling them to watch oan news and newsmax, just wish they would have term limits on the senate, VOTE TRUMP, drain the swamp.fire cia and fbi, put retired special forces in as replacements.GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  17. Demon crats if Biden gets in we are done for. The man behind it all is Soros the antichrist. We have to turn the country red. Biden will not stay in office it will be Harris if they win and she will usher in the antichrist.

  18. I wonder how much the average citizen knows about the Democrat’s plans for our country if Biden should (heaven forbid) win. Our taxes will sky rocket to support the illegals who will be streaming across the border. Our kids will get brain washed into liberalism (they already are actually in the public schools). They eventually want a one world government. They don’t believe that anyone who disagrees with them should have a voice. Just look at the riots on college campuses and in large cities. Conservatives are hated and not allowed to speak. Some conservatives have been beaten for daring to speak up. Freedom of speech will be gone. Only liberal speech will be tolerated. Democrat citizens, is this the kind of country you want to live in? I sure don’t.

    1. It isn’t liberal speech, it is communist censored speech. These politicians that call themselves Dems are communists, that have taken over the DNC. The people who still want to be Dems need to start a new party and quit this one.

    2. You know what is really funny, they accuse Trump of colluding with Putin. Did you know that everyone of the Dems running for office, have been running on a communist agenda.
      And they expect me to believe that they have not been colluding with Russia. It was HRC that 145mil from Putin. It was HRC that bought the Clinton Russia dossier from Putin. And you want me to believe that HRC is some innocent victimized little angle. Lock her up.

  19. Biden and the entire DNC/communist party is done for! It’s just a matter of America waking up to the UN’s attempt at the destruction of America! POTUS is just waiting until our people are so fed up with these traitors that no one will be upset when they are all arrested for TREASON! Biden and his son will probably be extradited to the Ukraine for criminal trials in the corruption and bribery case against Bursima (?). Calm down and THINK! POTUS is following Constitution Law and won’t act until the timing is right and America approves his actions instead of rioting! Hang in there, have faith and VOTE FOR TRUMP2020!

  20. the dem’s could pure a gallon of alzheimer medicine down Biden and he’d still be a fucking idiot!! Cause he’s a natural bore traitor, spy, racist, bigoted fool , idiot, jerk!! and child molester!! All in one!!!!!!!!!!!!! He belongs in jail, on death row, not the white house. He’s under investigation by the DOJ hurry up guys. Get this nut locked up before the election.

    1. You know what is really funny, they accuse Trump of colluding with Putin. Did you know that everyone of the Dems running for office, have been running on a communist agenda.
      And they expect me to believe that they have not been colluding with Russia. It was HRC that got 145mil from Putin. It was HRC that destroyed evidence, email, text msg., cell phones. It was HRC that bought the Clinton Russia dossier from Putin. And you want me to believe that HRC is some innocent victimized little angle. Lock her up.
      lockup Biden
      lockup Harris
      they both new what was going on, and participated, concealed evidence. accessory before during and after the fact.
      So did Pelosi and her boy friend Schumer.

  21. Groping Joe strikes again . Joe and the Janel are both racist, one against black and one against white so it’s working out for them.
    The comments about the teens in Miami are beyond ignorant.
    After watching her dance around questions last night…. She is just as bad.
    They don’t like truth at all.
    ASS ?????

  22. They will really get a shake down if the Dems win, because under a socialist regime all of the media will disappear. There will only be one government controlled media all others will be destroyed, and all news will be censored, no need for Acosta or most reporters, journalists, editors, news hosts, or commenters. So goodbye to you’al. Hope you will like being slaves.

    1. Some of the best comments I have ever read . l hope the people who read them really take them seriously and go vote forTrump. The democrats scare me to death.

  23. This comment has nothing to do with the debates. My greatest concern, after worrying about Biden/Harris winning the election, is that B____ Pelosi. She is the single most horrific threat to our country. There must be a way that the American people can get her thrown out of office. Legally. She is behind all of the changes that have been made to the backbone of the Democratic party and needs to be stopped! HELP!

  24. Joe Biden is the epitome of a dirty old man. Hopefully next time he comes on to a young girl or woman they turn around and cold cock him; hopefully on camera!

  25. Biden is a liar all you have to do is listen to him carefully. He states he has nothing again blacks when speaking in the southern states or highly black areas. He talks about how he will help them get jobs ect. yet when in other areas he says nothing about help the poor. Plus he is known to help foreign people before Blacks.
    He tells Seniors he will strengthen Social Security for them making sure they will will be protected from loosing their funds they paid into for over the past 40 to 50 years. Yet he’s known to have wanted to do away with these payments to the citizens who paid into it he wanted to use it for government use (probably pay increases). Plus the Democrats want to use it for the foreign immigrants not we wo paid. Plus the funds funds that are being held back by President Trump Is basically due to Nancy Pelosi she again wants that foreign immigrants to be included in receiving a check I’m guessing that Biden is also involved in this also but we’ll never know. We do Biden is involved with China very much so both he and his son.
    So when you vote I just hope you remember a few ot these things before you make your choice. Just remember a liar is a thief and a thief is a liar.

  26. Sleepy Creepy Uncle Joe will never change !! that is why he needs to be retired to his Delaware Basement !!! Jill get the rocking chair ready November 3rd is just around the corner !!!

  27. I am 71. I feel bad for the kids coming into the mess the demonrats are trying shove down the countries throat. If biden steals the election we will have to live under the heal of pelosi any harris, while joe sits around sniffing young girls and drooling.

  28. I just sent a post and it was shut down and they call this freedom of speech? How sad!! It made tremendous sense but obviously those who control our speech on this site are biased!!! Stand up for our Rights and Freedoms people; it’s not about them or the trouble makers but it’s about We the People!!! We must vote for Trump and put Pelosi and her cronies out of office and in prison where they belong!!!

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