Sean Hannity Rumored to be Leaving Fox News over New CEO’s Leftist Agenda

Has it occurred to anyone else how close we are to having the light extinguished for good? It seems to cross President Trump’s mind from time to time when he goes off-script in his rallies. We are losing the culture wars and the war for freedom and liberty in America – badly – despite being in the majority in this country.

Now there’s talk that we may lose Sean Hannity from Fox News. Judge Jeanine Pirro may be gone from the network permanently. We’ll see. And if the SJW left is able to force Hannity out, will Lou Dobbs or Tucker Carlson be far behind?

According to an article in Vanity Fair, which is of course eager to see Sean Hannity flayed alive, there has been a “cold civil war” going on at Fox News between the opinion hosts and the “journalists” ever since Roger Ailes was forced out in 2016.

Fox News is a tiny island in the sea of broadcast news outlets that even allows actual conservatism to peek through. And that is only on the commentary shows: Hannity, Carlson, Dobbs, Pirro and Fox & Friends in the mornings. Everything else is leftwing propaganda, and even the so-called “conservatives” on other networks are either controlled opposition or blatant Trump-hating Trotskyites.

All of the reporters and anchors at Fox News hate the opinion hosts. They refer to them as “the worst people on our air.” Meanwhile, the opinion hosts are the only ones that actually bring in money for Fox News as a business. Advertisers flock to the opinion shows on Fox, because they are proven winners that draw huge audiences. Jealous reporters view the opinion hosts with contempt, because they think they would be able to draw bigger audiences – just as soon as they can take over that time slot by stabbing Hannity or Carlson in the back.

As I pointed out last week, nothing else in broadcast news even comes close to the audiences that Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson draw. Surely, the board of directors at Fox News wouldn’t do anything to strangle the geese that are laying its golden eggs. Would it?

Yet here we are. Former anti-Trump Speaker of the House and permanent skunk Paul Ryan has been appointed to the Fox News board. Donna Brazile has been hired as the newest Fox News “contributor.” Yes, that Donna Brazile – the same one who leaked debate questions to Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Lachlan Murdoch is the new CEO of Fox News, and apparently Lachlan hates Trump. Hiring Skunk Ryan and Brazile is a sign that Lachlan wants to build even more distance between Fox News and the conservative audience that is the only thing setting the network apart. A lot of the internal head-butting that’s going on behind the scenes at Fox involves the management trying to get Hannity to tone down his pro-Trump rhetoric.

Thankfully, Hannity is still a big enough cash cow for the network that he’s been able to resist doing that, while still keeping his job.

The problem will come if Lachlan decides to sell Fox News, which is another one of those rumors with a lot of grains of truth behind it. If Fox News is sold… it’s going to be a conservative bloodbath. And then Fox will look like all of the other channels.

Don’t worry, though! The new Fox News will hire token conservatives just like all the other networks, to continue spitting in our faces.

On CNN, they have “conservative” Ana Navarro to represent your views. Let’s see… just this week she referred to President Trump as the “pathological president liar.” What did Trump lie about, in Navarro’s opinion? He noted, once again, that John McCain ran himself out of breath in October of 2016 by spreading the fake Russian potty dossier around to every intelligence agency and newsroom in Washington, DC to help the Clinton campaign. (That’s 100% true, by the way.)

On MSNBC, they have “conservative” firebrand Joe Scarborough to represent your views. You know, the guy who called on President Trump to resign during his first year in office and said that the “central defining nature of [Trump’s] presidency now has to do with attacking people who are not white.” He’s just an everyday conservative Joe!

Meanwhile, Chase Bank is closing the personal accounts of known conservatives, in hopes of preventing them from even being able to make a living or participate in the American economy. Colleges go out of their way to silence even a whiff of conservatism – although Trump’s free speech executive order this week may begin to change that. (We’ll see.)

And if you think that the SJWs at Fox News wouldn’t shiv Hannity at the first opportunity, think again. SJWs don’t think in terms of being in business to make money. They’re in business to advance progressivism, even if that means murdering and gutting venerable institutions and wearing their corpses like a skin suit. Remember Roseanne?

Roseanne Barr’s television show was the one 30-minute slot in all of network television that wasn’t a constant attempt to jab a finger in the eyeballs of normal Americans. The show didn’t hate Trump. It was a juggernaut for ABC. It drew bigger audiences than Sunday Night Football.

How big was the “Roseanne” reboot audience? Add Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson’s audience numbers together. Then multiply that number by 4. That’s how much money ABC was willing to flush down the toilet just to take a non-negative Trump perspective off the air.

The show wasn’t blatantly pro-Trump. The characters simply weren’t anti-Trump A-holes like everyone else on TV. That was a bridge too far for the SJWs on the board at ABC.

And now that Fox News is no longer being run by Rupert Murdoch, the SJWs are creeping in through every available crack. Even if Hannity, Carlson or Pirro were to try to fly solo as independent acts, they would never be able to get back the audiences they will lose when Fox goes “full SJW.” Look at how well Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly are doing these days if you don’t believe that.

The 2020 election will be one of the most important ones in America’s history. But the battle for the heart and soul of Fox News is an important one that we need to pay attention to as well. I’m praying for Sean Hannity to come out on top, and I hope you are too.

Illegal Alien Serial Killer’s Life a Great Snapshot of Immigration Policy

The media and the federal government love to keep all news about illegal alien serial killers quiet. After all, it’s kind of damaging to the narrative when someone is allowed to stay in the US year after year while murdering people. That’s why you probably haven’t seen much news about the Machete Murderer’s death in a California prison this week.

Despite murdering five times as many people as the Manson family, most Americans don’t even know Juan Corona’s name. But you should know his name, because his life is a perfect illustration of the decades-long failures of our immigration system.

1950 was a much more innocent time in the US. Americans had only been asking for a wall on the southern border for 35 years at that point. That’s the first time when Juan Corona snuck across the border at the age of 16. He spent several years picking carrots and wandering around, before finally ending up in northern California. Following the historic 1955 flood of the Yuba River, Corona had a mental breakdown.

While having his brain zapped in a psychiatric hospital for schizophrenia, someone noticed that Corona was an illegal alien. After 23 shock treatments, Corona was declared “cured” and deported back to Mexico.

Not to worry, though. Under the extreme vetting that the federal government still uses to this day, Corona was able to apply for a green card – and the government let him back in!

You might think that a nation would only allow admittance to immigrants who are intelligent, healthy, hard-working, and will be a boon to our own citizens and way of life. But that would be – if you’ll pardon the expression – CRAZY. America is not made better by bringing in hard-working, enterprising and law-abiding immigrants. No, America only gets better by bringing in the most sick, elderly and mentally deranged immigrants who will never be able to contribute to the system.

Now that existing immigration laws had been waived and he was a “legal” immigrant, Corona spent the 1960s working on local fruit ranches. Oh, and also attacking people at random when he thought that they were ghosts, murdering people in California (and probably Nevada) and dumping them in shallow graves and being involuntarily committed to a mental hospital several times. But who else was going to pick America’s peaches, huh?

By 1971, Corona owned two houses in California and had several thousand dollars saved in the bank – so he applied for welfare.

In May of 1971, a farmer who employed Corona noticed an empty, freshly-dug, body-shaped hole in his peach orchard. The next day, this suspicious random hole was filled with dirt, so the farmer called the cops. They proceeded to find 25 farm workers buried in shallow graves on farms where Corona worked.

It wasn’t exactly a baffling case for the police to solve, because Corona had a habit of emptying out his pockets every time he buried a dead body. In fairness to Corona, “CSI Peach Orchard” did not become a popular TV show until the late 1970s.

So, in addition to finding 25 bodies hacked to death with machetes, police also found discarded bank deposit slips with Corona’s name and home address on them. When Mexico sends us their serial killers, they’re not sending their best! (Fun side note: This is the only recorded instance in California’s history of an illegal alien not dropping their pocket litter directly on the sidewalk or in a national park.)

Following a speedy trial, Corona spent the remaining 47 years of his life in a California prison, with his food, housing and health care provided by the American taxpayers. And boy, was there a lot of health care! Incidentally, Corona stayed in the same prison as Charles Manson, in the calming and stress-free “Sensitive Needs” wing.

Corona was convicted of hacking 25 people to death, but the actual number may have been much higher. When an illegal alien would disappear in those days, everyone just assumed that they wandered off to another farm or went back to Mexico.

Despite being very obviously muy loco and spending the 1960s in and out of mental hospitals, being arrested for assault (and carrying out a killing spree), Juan Corona’s green card was never revoked by the federal government. Because, to quote Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama, “That’s not who we are.”