Sad: Brett Kavanaugh & Amy Coney Barrett Turned out to be Communists

If you just looked at the votes on how the last few Supreme Court decisions have turned out, would you even be able to tell that Ruth Bader Ginsburg had died and been replaced? Good grief, the modern Supreme Court has turned out to be a gigantic, disappointing, communist failure. They’ve been handing down 6-3 decision after 6-3 decision against Donald Trump, the US Constitution and the American people. The biggest disappointments on the court have turned out to be Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett.

The court threw out multiple lawsuits from Donald Trump and other plaintiffs, challenging all of the states in which unelected bureaucrats changed state election laws in clear violation of the US Constitution. The court ruled 6-3 that these cases were “moot” because Donald Trump had “conceded the election” to Joe Biden.

Huh? When did that happen? Did I miss something again? Does anyone have a video of Donald Trump conceding the election to Joe Biden?

Pennsylvania changed its election laws in the middle of election season, after early voting had started. Then, they changed their rules again after the polls closed on election night, when they saw Donald Trump’s incredible margin of victory over Joe Biden. The Pennsylvania Secretary of State, who has since resigned in shame, changed the rules to allow three additional days for mail-in ballots to be accepted.

Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito and Neil Gorsuch were the only three Supreme Court Justices who thought that maybe it’s a bad idea for states to wait until after an election contest is over and then change the rules. Maybe… perhaps… just possibly it’s not a bright idea for states to allow the unelected Deputy Assistant Undersecretary of the Department of Bubblegum and Agriculture to change election rules, after the election is OVER?!

Here’s what Justice Thomas wrote in the dissent:

“One wonders what this Court waits for. We failed to settle this dispute before the election, and thus provide clear rules. Now we again fail to provide clear rules for future elections. The decision to leave election law hidden beneath a shroud of doubt is baffling. By doing nothing, we invite further confusion and erosion of voter confidence. Our fellow citizens deserve better and expect more of us. I respectfully dissent.”


Thomas also wrote:

“These cases provide us with an ideal opportunity to address just what authority nonlegislative officials have to set election rules, and to do so well before the next election cycle. The refusal to do so is inexplicable.”

You know what else is inexplicable? The way that Amy Coney Barrett and Brett Kavanaugh have been stabbing Americans in the back.

Brett Kavanaugh’s Senate hearing was the most vicious confirmation battle in US history. Senator Kamala Harris accused Brett Kavanaugh of gang raping underage high school girls and college girls. She did it right in front of Kavanaugh’s wife and children.

Republicans, conservatives and even Lindsey Graham circled the wagons and fought for Brett Kavanaugh. They stood in front of Kavanaugh and took the slings and arrows that were intended for him. They sacrificed their reputations and put it all on the line for Brett Kavanaugh. The New York Times hasn’t written a single nice article about Lindsey Graham since those hearings.

And Brett Kavanaugh repays that loyalty by inserting a dagger between the vertebra of the allies who stood up for him. What a **** weasel.

The same goes for Amy Coney Barrett. While her confirmation hearing wasn’t quite as brutal, it still had moments of awfulness. Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) actually asked Barrett if she had ever abused her authority in exchange for sexual favors from underlings. And again, people on the right assembled into a human force-field in front of Barrett. We stood up for her as the most vicious slanders were hurled at her. We took the hits for her – and she now stabs us in the back on a regular basis.

We suddenly find ourselves with a representative branch of government that no longer represents Americans, an executive branch that shuts off our power in the dead of winter and a high court that refuses to faithfully interpret the Constitution. This little experiment can’t last much longer under these conditions.

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134 thoughts on “Sad: Brett Kavanaugh & Amy Coney Barrett Turned out to be Communists”

  1. Justice Thomas is absolutely correct. SCOTUS has betrayed its oath to uphold the Constitution and has irresponsibly ignored the offered evidence. These failures are reprehensible and those who betrayed should resign. America deserves honest, unbiased review of all matters presented to SCOTUS.

    1. I am totally disgusted with both Amy and Kavanaugh. Why on earth would they vote as they did? Justice Thomas is a true American Hero. We are all proud of him. He has stood strong both times the court has recently gone off the rails.

      1. Remember how savagely Thomas too was attacked during his confirmation hearings. The man has true intestinal fortitude and should have been replacing the weasel Roberts as Chief Justice by now. As for Comey Barrett and Kavanaugh, they probably got the memo about not ending up like Antonin Scalia.

      2. Although, I am just as angry as you. There may be more to this than is newsworthy. With these Democrats I would not put anything past them. Including, threatening the lives or future welfare of the Kavanaugh & Barrett families. It still isn’t right. What would you do in their situation?

        1. Roberts, kavanaugh, and barret helped the democrats destroy the US. Because of their evil decisions millions of ukranians are dead and millions of Americans are dead. If they challenged the illegal election and voter fraud that monster biden would not be president. They clearly ignored the constitution in their wicked decision. If they keep up their radical and unjust rulings they may find that there won’t be an America left to rule!

      1. Maybe we need to listen to Ted Cruz when he points out that a President needs to look at their record. Need to pick someone who has fought over and over for conservatism.

      2. Why don’t We The People change that since this government is For By and Of the People?
        We already know what horrible thing SCOTUS has done. Thus, it just might be time to revisit this whole deal.

        1. Right on, Penny, but it’s going to take more than the voting process to do it. Because, that also, is corrupt.
          I’m wondering if those that vetted Kavanaugh and Barrett, were also anti conservatives, and corrupt, and, had people fooled by believing in them.
          It’s just awful what they’ve done to America!

      3. It’s past time for term limits for ALL federal employees, both elected and appointed. I doubt this is popular with legislators. so we need a populist driven Constitutional Amendment. Let’s get started people. You Constitutional lawyers get busy and draft an amendment for the public to vote on before 2022. The consequences for doing nothing is we become a socialist/Marxist dictatorship run by the very pukes in DC who have caused all of our problems, or it’s time for a shooting revolution.

        1. There is an amendment proposal that deals with that as well as protecting the rights of parents to care, control and have custody of our kids. The 28th Amendment written by Ron and Sherry Palmer. The courts and bureaucrats have sold out parents rights. The forming of Title IV and no fault divorce gave the courts and a few agencies the power and excuse to take children from fit loving parents. They are just as corrupt.

    2. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for them to resign. It baffles me they voted like that. I agree a quite investigation needs to be done. Were they threatened, if so by who?

      1. I definitely think the justices felt pressured. They didn’t want the court to get involved in the mess it was going on. It was more important for Roberts to save the face of the Court. If it wasn’t so critical it could be funny. Now this country will be changed for a long long time.

    3. Justice Thomas is usually the only one that is always right. God I pray that man lives forever for all of our sakes. He is the only one who sees any real logic.

        1. We miss Justice Scalia. He was a very strong constitutionalist… even more than Thomas, and he was never afraid ro speak his mind. It’s a sad thing that Roberts is the Chief Justice when it could have been a much stronger conservative.

      1. Unfortunately, now that they are elected we can not impeach them for not serving we the people who elected them. Very sad

          1. Yes. But according to my research it’s very difficult. Firstly the impeachment must be ordered by the president. No way Biden is going to order it while they are ruling for his side. So yeah. We’re stuck.

    4. Love Justice Thomas. He weighs his decisions on merit not prejudice. Shame on Barrett and Kavanaugh. I thought Roberts was the radical—obviously not. This is a totally easy decision to have been made and I cannot understand how they could vote in opposition. They are not being asked to take sides because of Pres Trump but to vote weighing the merits and rendering a just vote. They did not

    5. I cannot believe how Amy and Kavanaugh can do a thing like this. They betrayed President Trump in a worst way. They should resigned immediately. I think in the future if anyone is going to be a judge in the Supreme Court no matter how nice they are, they should be order to take a lie dectator test. This is the most horrible thing that any judge or judges could do something like this, betraying President Trump and the American people. Amy and Kavanaugh should not be serving right now. They should be out immediately.

      1. God is coming in His timing & will rectify this situation; have faith. He is seeing who will be on His side. He set up this nation & He is not going to forfeit it to satan. This is not really a political battle but a spiritual battle between good (God) & evil (satan) & we’ve already won; just waiting for God & His timing to, as they say, play His hand. Pray, pray & pray. God doesn’t want to lose anyone to satan. Pray the blinders will be removed from their eyes & see the darkness satan has them in & that they will turn into the light of Jesus to save their souls; God is giving them every chance to turn back to Him & do what is right for our/His nation. God is looking for our nation to turn back to Him.

        1. Amen to ALL that Shirley said! Actually I agree with ALL about what was said about Barrett and kavanaugh! I am Christian AND very disappointed in both people!????? They AND many many other people/govt/Hollywood/social media WHO have turned AGAINST my President Donald Trump SHOULD be very CAREFUL in HOW they TREAT any of GODS PEOPLE! I AM NOT violent person BUT studying Gods awesome WORD, makes me FEEL like I SHOULD tell ALL PEOPLE that God IS not happy with THIS WORLD such as HOW conservatives/PresTrump/his family/his supporters such as FRANKLIN GRAHAM and NUMEROUS OTHERS IN CONGRESS/ENTIRE world are ALL treated! WE ALL Gods people AND we all should be TREATED EQUALLY! Fake news/Hollywood/govt U ALL should be careful in HOW u talk about OR treat Gods people!????????Again I’m nonviolent Christian WHO truly appreciates ALL just listening to me! LOVE AND PRAYERS for US ALL in this world!????????????

  2. Evidently going to cocktail parties and being included by the “cool kids” is more important to them than following the will of the people and the constitution

      1. People have been cheated on and lied to for so long
        They just turned a blind eye. By doing so and not
        Challenging wrongs for the truth we as nation have
        Invited the devil into every home in America. God help us as we fall deeper and deeper into the communist society we seem to be falling into

    1. I think you hit the nail on the head !! I am so sorry to have to think that but what else could it be. I too am so disappointed in these two that the Republicans went to the mat for. Having “Fair Elections” is a constitutional issue which is what the Supreme Court is suppose to assure!! I can just imagine how President Trump must be feeling – sort of like Caesar when Brutus betrayed him and sort of like Jesus when he was betrayed by Judas!!

  3. Well one thing about it, the Dems don’t have to stack the court with traitors, it’s already been done. So sad our great President Trump tried to put good judges who claimed they would rule by the constitution and not their own views, on the court and now these lying traitors are screwing the conservative people that believed in them. Now I know why the Bible says the path to hell is wide, because what we have seen from the left and the Dems and now our courts, the path is going to be packed!!!!!

  4. Is it possible that their life or the lives of their family have been threatened? The deep state runs very deep. A bad decision could get them “Clintoned”

    1. they should have known that going in.if they were afraid of that or afraid of something else happening them, they should not have not taken the position.

    2. Cindy, that’s a no brainier. This is absolutely happening to judges all over this country who don’t rule in favor of the liberal left. Don’t forget what happened to the female judge in New Jersey who’s husband and son were assassinated (I believe the husband survived) after she was assigned to the Epstein case. That was absolutely a warning shot to all judges across this country if they won’t comply.

    3. could have happened. I believe Justice Roberts might have had that happen to him with his record showing to this day.

      1. Justice Roberts became traitor during Hussein O
        only because it was so much pressure from everyone around to make sure , king Hussein would have a very successful presidency … so Roberts turned the Constitution into a pretzel to give Hussein
        his “ Obamacare”… who cares if that was going to destroy a big chunk of the traditional health care system and make it unaffordable for a lot of the people???
        So, now he is continuing the “tradition” of ignoring the Constitution… this is where we are and the left
        loves it !!!!

    4. This could exactly be the reason why they voted the way they did!
      However, some honorable people, instead of accepting the pact with the devil, would’ve put the TRUTH out for the people to see it and finally “ get out of the vicious cycle “ …
      not the case with these people who become traitors and align themselves with the rest of the traitors.

    5. I’m inclined to think that their families were threatened also, Cindy. I don’t trust the left as far as I can spit. They’re ruthless and despicable.

  5. Unless our citizens, elected leaders, and judges bow down and worship our Lord and Creator, God, we shall never truly be redeemed from the clutches of tyranny! Prayerful, passionate, and diligent individuals made this country the epitome of the world! Now, America needs a desperate awakening to transform the minds of our complete population. We must worship the Creator, not the created. Man-made mechanisms have thrust our country into a spiritual abyss. Only our reliance and full trust in our Redeemer, Jesus, shall extricate us from this endless pit! II Chronicles 7:14.

  6. Just when you think that someone actually want to uphold and protect our Constitution and Bill of Rights we get communist democRAT kangaroo courts.

    1. I am a 69 year old woman. Retired financial advisor- setting the tone here. I am no fool. I tell it like it is . Around my house I refer to Amy Barrett as the Supreme C..nt. My hatred has no limit at this time. I fear for the lives of my grand children when even the courts do nothing to stop the death spiral of America

      1. I’m 62 and I feel the exact same way.
        America’s spine, in the political world seems to have been severed.
        Dems in the government have turned Soviet, ‘Heil Hitler’ Nazi with ice-cold, Islamic terrorist blood in their veins.

        I want America the way it was meant to be.
        Not this disgusting cesspit that our government wants to shove down our throats — and then put their hands out for taxes.

        1. I agree..but what can we do?? There is so much corruption in our government. There should be term limits for all government officials and when election time rolls around…if they are doing a lousy job out they go. Just crazy that these same people are allowed to stay in office.

          1. They are not allowed to stay in office. They get reelected, just like Biden – they cheated. We have many useful idiots voting for these malcontents who are also very incompetent. I have never found any Democrat official capable of fixing any problem. All they know how to do anything is to raise taxes and throw more money at the problem. Again, this does not fix the problem. The vast majority of our leaders are lawyers, and we all know what they are and what they do. None of them have ever had to FIX anything and therefore cannot fix any problem the people have.
            We need to NOT vote in any politician (lifer). We need business people, not lawyers, who have experience with fixing things/ issues/procedures.
            We must have TERM LIMITS for all federally elected or appointed people. PERIOD.

      2. Sadly, CJ, I agree with you!!!
        A lot of people feel the same way, and yes, this is
        hatred with no limits !!
        No one wants to hear our voices, no one cares !
        We’ve reached the point where the government is
        FORCES us to work for them and stay quiet.
        Our Constitution is stating that the “ government works for the people “…
        What’s going on is a very scary time for our kids and grandkids and is hard to tell what the future will look like !!!
        God Bless America and the people who love it !

  7. This is another great example as to why not one single position or person should be in government for life. There has got to be term limits! Term limits for every job in government, elected or unelected. 3-4 year terms or 2-6 year terms. No one is incorruptible or uncompromisable!

  8. Both of these judges are Catholic and that is also a huge disappointment to me as a Catholic but then the pope is a Socialist and also a huge disappointment to me. I am very sad for our country. If they represent the Catholic religion then I am wondering why I should remain one.

    1. I am a former Catholic – Francis, the Communist and Pelosi and Biden, the baby killers who parade around as proud Catholics. Now we have these two spineless Catholic justices – what a disgrace.
      Schumer succeeded when he stood in front of the Supreme Court building and threatened Gorsuch and Kavanaugh.
      All of us stupid Conservatives had assumed the Supreme Court would always protect us from communists stomping on our Constitutional rights Guess we all know what “assume” means…
      God Bless the former greatest country ever.

    2. Anita, please don’t let the traitor judges think your religion is wrong…the devil has consumed many a good Catholic…. and they will pay in hell….as the devil is constantly looking for fresh “meat” to turn against God….It is not the religion it is the people who turned their back on the truth. The saying goes “what goes around comes around” they will get theirs…

    3. As predicted in the bible about the end times, Many will fall away from the church. These statements you have made about the leaders of the church are the cause of the falling away. evil is being called good and good evil, as told in revelation. IMO we are living in end times! our world has been thrown into total chaos. Only GOD can straighten us out now!

    4. Come to the Orthodox Church. They never change the rules as the Catholic Church has over the years. It was first church and the true church of the apostles. If you question your Catholic faith, attend a local Orthodox Church. You will always be welcome there.

  9. The SCOTUS blew it. There was plenty of evidence that some states had changed election laws not by appropriate state legislatures but, by partisan politicos; executive branches and liberal judiciaries. The Court should have declared those changes unconstitutional and demand that election results should have been concluded by midnight Nov 3rd. Allowing them to fabricate election results thereafter was fraught with fraud and manipulation. Essentially, they contributed to the “Steal”

    1. I agree. It is a shame that those entrusted to protect and defend the constitution do no have the backbone to do so. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  10. We are indeed witnessing the end of time as predicted in the “Book of Revelation” in the Bible. These traitors will get their opportunity to plead their actions against the people of this country and the guidance of our Lord and Savior in the Lord’s court very soon. I don’t think the Lord’s judgement will be something to their liking. Also, there is no appellate court. The Lord’s judgement will be very swift and very final for all eternity. IT IS NOT A PRETTY PICTURE!!!!!

    1. You are absolutely correct. The antichrist is on the horizon, the tribulation is upon us, but thankfully so is the rapture! “When you see these things begin to take place, stand up and lift your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.” Luke 21:28

    2. How long is it going to take for it to happen? I’ve had enough and at this point I’m not afraid to die. I’m afraid to live on my knees in a world run by lesser men who control the destiny if my children.
      I’d literally rather we all die then live in this communist regime that’s coming.

  11. The election fraud was successful, because of the betrayal of the Supreme Court. They have failed the American people, the Constitution and the rule of law. The fall of the United States of America has begun and we the people deserve what is going to happen to us. Wake up, the Kingdom of God (Jehovah) by Christ Jesus is the Only hope for this country and the rest of the world.

  12. What a shame votes should only be allowed if they are in by Election Day not after that. SCOTUS follow the Constitution along with the states that changed the rules follow the Constitution.

  13. I have no use for these Judges….They could have helped Pres Trump with overturning the Election…I really thought Amy Barret was better than this…!!! Your Judgment is coming….

  14. What a major disappointment… two major disappointments… the bullying dems have their way! Who remembers one of the State of the Union speeches?? One democrat, stood up to applaud President Trump…He looked around, only one, evil eye from that awful woman and slunk back into his seat???????
    Cowards….. And I blame the Supreme Court and all the bullying dems, lib judges for causing the issue on 1/6.

  15. Howdy JR , right , judgement is coming , the Bible also says that our government officials will act like children ! I see it can you ?

  16. Why cant everyone see that Biden is not able to be President not only did they still it but put in someone that dont know what is going on he family should be a shame of them self for this

  17. Traitors, sold out rats. Ted C, said he didn’t have a good feeling or trust Amy Barrett and he was right. When America is taking down by socialist traitors these traitor judges will be treated just like us, and there power will be taken away. Blind fools.

  18. This is very unsettling and a sad time in America ??. We the people have been put on the back burner, we are no longer one nation under GOD, BUT A DICTATORSHIP UNDER A TRANNY GOVERNMENT.

  19. There is a possibility that their families were threatened. But they could have security? look at how Lin Wood is threatened, but he stands by his word. So disappointed in Amy Barrett and Brett Kavanaugh and to a lessor degree Neil Gorsuch! John Roberts is compromised I know that , he should be Gitmo’ d. the others should go sell ice cream! But on the other hand, technically the Courts are all part of the old bankrupted Corporation which is no longer? Im hoping that they and President Trump are in this together, to force Military Tribunals? Lets be optimistic?

  20. Amen! We are in BAD NEED of some real
    These people need to be VETTED and
    I am 86 years old and SO tired of voting;
    and six months later; we are Inpeaching
    the crooks after they have stolen us

  21. How can any reasonable person not see the injustice in this decision? I don’t know about Roberts but I watched every one of the last three appointees repeatedly say they would enforce the rule of law. Guess there’s never a penalty for lying any more. Guess I’ll start with this years tax returns. Let’s see how that goes?

  22. What all of you do not seem to see, is who is really at the top of the heap….dung heap. The new world order They are the world owners, company rich owners, super rich owner controllers of the world’s money supply and createors, who insist that they will be in charge, regardless of who runs any country. You should not be blinded by the Democrats. They are simply lap dogs to the owners of the world…bought and paid for, just like the sold out betrayers in the bought out supremely courted. Elite traitors to every human, except themselves.

  23. Shocking is the only word I can think for what the republicans have chosen to do and, as well, their behaviour toward their fellow congressmen! I used to have a strong feeling of the decency of the Republicans, believing them to be honest, rational and honourable as well! It seems that I’ve been wrong about a number of them, Amy Coney Barrett included! I must say that she is the last person that I would ever have judged to be so callous and so seemingly unpleasant!

  24. Judges are not supposed to be politicians or legislators. Ruth Ginsberg was a politician and a legislator. The job of Supreme Court Judges is supposed to be to determine whether legislative actions are within the Constitution of the United States. We had hopes of getting things right when we had the opportunity to replace Ginsberg. It appears that this is going to take more time to accomplish than we had expected.

  25. What ashamed on those two kavanaugh and Bennettt. They bretray their own american people. They only cares about money and their own family. They cannot be’ trusted. How disappionting to all american people. They should be’ locked up!

  26. Threatened to pack the court. Obama used it and now is minon Biden. You can’t be like Chamberlain of England, you know they will keep asking for more. Stand up like a person with pride and dignity for the American people.

  27. As a woman, I hated that the next justice HAD to be a woman. Maybe it was because there wasn’t likely to be any sexual deviance in her past that the dems could attack, but it just felt like capitulation to me. One might think that after watching all that the dems have done to this country, and to the justices themselves, that ACB and Kavanaugh might know who’s on the side of good or evil. They clearly can’t judge that for themselves, so they shouldn’t be on the bench. You had one job!
    I can’t say I’m surprised. All of our recent judges are disappointments, even Gorsuch who allowed gender identity to be allowed into the non-discrimation law. We only have 2 real constitutional justices. Then we also have about 90% of our GOP congress that craps on the constitution too.
    And then Cruz really disappointed when he apologized for going to Cancun. He didn’t apologize to us, he apologized to the left, as if they would accept. I often wonder if any of these people pay any attention to what’s happening in the real world. Its like they are so out of touch. Read the room Ted!

  28. They fooled me and lied about their positions regarding the constitution.
    Especially, Bennett who said that she was a strict consitutionalist. Very weak character, both of them. Well, our last hope was the SCOTUS. They have failed to uphold their oath and should be impeached. The congress, executive legal ag, and now the courts. Whenever the government no longer serves the needs of the people, then it is THE OBLIGATION of the people to form a new government. Need new government with same constitution but including term limits.

  29. Ya no , I can’t stand the way scotus Amy&brett back stabbed the american people makes ya wonder if they pretended to be a conservative all of those years,just to become a judge, I wonder if there is some kind of camp they secretly a member of? which you are a DEMOCRATIC,but train to be a conservative then once confirmed. Side with communist DEMOCRATICS. MAYBE There is some secret society?
    VOTER FRAUD, we all know that it happened our country’s last line of defense SCOTUS has failed us BIGLY SAD ???????????

  30. What generated such a decision from those to new judges. Did the receive miss info from their clerks or were they intimidated? Need clarity

  31. By voting as they have done may be a plan to keep the democrats from stacking the court until Trump gets back in the Presidency in 2024. There may be some intimidation with this line of thought by the head justice.

    1. This line of reasoning is off. With these two voting with communist Democrat judges, the Democrats don’t need to stack the court because they have them. So, either way the Dems have it don’t they! Barret and Cavanaugh are fake Republicans who only posed as one but are in fact communist Dems or they are so weak and really not up to the challenge of completely supporting and protecting our Constitution and Bill of Rights and America and her citizens.


  33. We need a Convention of States as suggested by 2 gents named Mark ( one being Mark
    Levin) in the best of all the books he has authored, The Liberty Amendments, when this
    Covid-19 has passed. I hope all of you who have commented will look into Mark’s book
    & speak to every conservative you know about it. Scotus has turned into a disaster. I think
    those of you who expect the Savior to return sooner than later are correct. And He will not
    be happy about how we have conducted ourselves.

    1. This Convention of States is way too risky and leaves us wide open for the Soros, Rothschild, Clinton, Obama and entire deep state to infiltrate it and change our Constitution into what they want. Perhaps, it’s the Soros gang who are encouraging this to happen???

  34. Amy and Kabanaugh failed to interpret the constitution, “why serve this position if it’s hard to understand the law”???????

  35. I think Brett and Amy should send Trump a letter explanning why they voted the way they did after the republicans supported them and President Trump nominated them. They both promised to follow the consitution. the very first important vote on the election, they both forgot what they promised to do. maybe we could get them impeached for lying to us, also I here Brett won’t look in the mirrow when he shaves or combs his hair becouse he doesn’t like who he sees.

  36. They failed the people to honor the constitution. How can they ever look in the mirror at themselves or any person again without feeling shame. They are not fit to hold the title of supreme justice for they failed the people and America and it’s constitution.

  37. These modern, liberal educated judges are not taught the Constitution in law school. They are taught that moral values are flexible and being responsible for your actions is determined by race, sexual identity, or political power. The President was obviously hoodwinked on the Constitutional understanding and judicial record of these three judges. Too many closet liberals in his cabinet and in the Republican party leadership.

  38. Everyone knows President Trump legally won the 2020 election by a landslide, and that
    Joe “Butthead” Biden illegally won the 2020 election by lying, cheating, and stealing. Even ALL the Supreme Court Judges!
    Four supreme court judges aided in this illegal election by refusing to hear the Real Evidence that does exist.
    I think hanging them in front of the court house would be the appropriate solution for their
    absolutely traitorous behavior. And to set an example for future Supreme Court Judges who dare to abandon their oath to protect the constitution. Just look at the pathetic take over of our once great country by the leftwing totalitarian bastards. Our votes no longer count…thank you Supreme Court.

  39. It’s not only the SCOTUS that’s screwed up…look at the garbage that the NEW Admin. under the Senile Biden, Harris, Pelosi, and Schuler have accomplished since being in office! Biden is so SEnile he can’t even put two sentences together without note cards after all the years he sat in Ci=ongress and babysat Obama for two terms and he never did anything but Stael, lie cheat and feel the female aids up every chance he got, Better wake up PEOPLE we cannot survive 4 years of the Crap they are putting out!
    in 4 years it won’t matter anyhow cause this Country is DOOMED!!

  40. Gotta stand up to the hard line ruthless liberals!!!!——–Take a stand or don’t take the job!!!!!——Roberts and the other two have been weak—-and running scared—–who knows if threats were made???—-BUT patriots take a stand and follow the law——they swore to uphold the law——NOW GO AND DO YOUR JOBS BEFORE ITS TOO LATE

  41. No backbone, just like most of the Republicans in Congress. What’s to become of this great country? Trump is the only one with guts!

  42. “We the People” hey Bro am I part of we the people now we got over the border in Arabzona. When do we get more from United States? House, car, food. Lots of rom for jobs. Im to glud to be inside the border now, it was easy to get through Mexico and I’m now, with my family of 6, not counting my wife’s parents and my parents. The 10 of us are so glad to be living in the United States. We have siblings coming from Southern Mexico in a couple of weeks, but they will be living in California. Get the picture, you damnable Democrats or, in my words, “DemonRats”!
    I hope you rot in hell. These are my words alone, not the previous comment. Literally, can anyone be trusted anymore? Further, there’s only one President of these United States I’ll ever trust again, President Donald J. Trump, my National Hero. I think Brett Kavanaugh is honest, and I respect him and those of our Supreme Court. And I personally wouldn’t believe anything from the media or Washington DC. I’d like to see President Trump come on FOX NEWS and tell us (our Country) if Kavanaugh did what he’s accused of or not. I’d like to know how many Democrats are happy with their King for President. Biden will never be My President. Biden is the damn turncoat.


  44. President Trump made a big mistake backing ACB and kavanaugh. The Democrats that were opposing them at the time didn’t know that they would end up being their best friends. What a shame they don’t represent we the people.

  45. I am surprised that no one suspects “more to this story” than what we are seeing. Kavanaugh and Barrett know better than their votes. They are “reacting,” not voting. Which should lead everyone to ask, “WHY?”
    Therein, is your story.

  46. You are so right and when 2024 comes up I think are great President Trump should pick Ted Cruz for his vice president that would be the supper team

  47. When They Get That Money, And Power, They Shit On Everybody, Around Them, And Those Who Put Them In That Job?


  49. What a pair of losers both Kavanaugh and Barrett are in addition to being–cowards, liars, Communists, evil doers, deceivers, useful idiots for the Democrats. I can’t help but wonder who told President Trump that these two would be good Supreme Court justices? They would not even be good judges over a dog pound!!! How sad for our country that Trump was somehow deceived and that we the American people were also deceived by their statements of “fidelity to the Constitution” when they only use the Constitution to wipe their backsides. The Bible does tell us to be aware of wolves in sheep’s clothing and also by their fruits ye shall know them. This country is on the verge of destruction and the Supreme Court justices are right there leading the way. Like someone said: The Democrats don’t need to pack the courts–the enemies are already there!! Justice Clarence Thomas is a true man of integrity and thank God for him. Also, Judge Alito is a man of integrity but the 2020 election fraud should have been stopped prior to the election! What a shameful situation for our country.

  50. I respect and honor JUSTICE CLARENCE THOMAS PERIOD. I can only Pray that TERM LIMITS WILL BE SET FORTH for ALL who serve. None of these positions were intended to become NURSING HOMES or positions for TRAITORS. If these two along with John Roberts can be charged with TREASON, I SAY GO FOR IT NOW! No time to be wasted on crappy people and the one who stole all the money and Gold the day before 911, shared with his cocpnspiritors. We know all of them. NO MORE LIFE TIME POSITIONS!

    1. It has served those within the Legislative branch well for 246 years, (e.g.) Strom Thurmond, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer just to name a few, the longer they are in the more they can pillage and abuse us true United States Patriots those directly responsible for allowing them to be elevated to said status are oblivious to the fact that they are being abused.

  51. Kavanaugh was crying on the stand and many people felt sorry for him. Is there anything real about this guy? And Amy’s sashaying around like a fashion model, smiling as she slits the country’s throat. Kinda sickening.

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